Top Tips for Getting the Most From a Truck Rental in NZ


Although there are quite a few options forĀ truck rental in Auckland, not all the trucks available will meet a renter’s specific needs. There are four things anyone renting a truck should consider carefully before hiring a truck and driver in the Auckland area.

Getting the Correct Truck for Your Needs

Just about every truck rental agency has a variety of trucks to choose from. Smaller vans are appropriate when moving only a few items, but those vehicles are not the best option for anyone moving more or larger items. A bigger truck is appropriate whenever large, bulky items must all be moved. While smaller trucks are generally less expensive to rent, having to make multiple trips will negate any potential savings. Trucks for hire in Auckland should always be carefully selected to be sure they can meet the demands of the job. As a rule, the rental company will provide assistance in selecting the best truck for the renter’s needs. Specialised truck equipment is also available for special projects.

Reserve the Rental Truck Early

To avoid unpleasant surprises, it pays to reserve a rental truck well before it’s actually needed. Although the first and last days of the month tend to be the busiest times for truck rental companies, there are other times when renting a truck during the remainder of the month may be difficult if reservations are not made early. Industry experts recommend reserving a truck at least two weeks before it’s needed. In emergency situations, the rental company should try to supply a truck and driver as soon as possible.

Protect Your Investment

Accidents happen to even to the best drivers. It’s always important to make sure there is adequate coverage for items being moved prior to renting a truck. Discuss the options with an insurance expert in advance to prevent losses. The rental company will have coverage but make sure your cargo is fully protected.

Take Proper Safety Precautions

The truck rental company’s employees are trained in safety protocols, but clients should take steps to protect themselves, any employees, and property near the loading or unloading areas. You can discuss any potential issues with the rental company.

Truck rental by Harris Transport Group can make any moving or work project in Auckland easier and the team can help you find the best vehicle for your needs. VisitĀ to find out more.